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About Us

This is the hub of a movement that is emerging, where the reality of our interconnection with all of creation is the grounding for a wider ecosystem of belonging. A spirituality shifting from a mind-based ego-centric state to an embodied eco-centric state.

This is a hive of contemplative activity and support, with opportunity to connect with others who are curious about the re-connection of our spirituality and the rest of the natural world... Healers, Chaplains, Mystics, Spiritual practitioners, Pastors, EdgeWalkers, Guides, Visionaries, Cultural Innovators. Some are planting and nurturing wild churches or communities of practice, some are holding the seed to a new kind of spiritual leadership altogether. All are rooted in intimate relationship with the natural world.

This is a holistic space for conversation and connection, learning, unlearning and co-learning around our embodied wisdom that includes the mind, heart, and body, biology and ecology, science and spirituality. Courses and workshops, resources and a year-long eco-ministry certificate program are offered here.

This is a heart-led embodied digital community with roots in the actual dirt and creatureliness of watersheds in diverse eco-systems. Dedicated to living from a place of love, interconnection, and justice for all beings. 

Ecosystems require diversity to survive and flourish. This movement is committed to shifting the dynamics of domination and colonization in human culture. 

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Explore, connect, learn and unlearn, co-create, share, branch out, expand your root system, find your Place of Belonging. Various levels of membership provide the amount of connection and resources and rooting and grounding you need for wherever you're at on your path

From isolation to connection.  

From detachment to immersion.  

From dualism to interBeing

The core membership of The Ecosystem is free, with opportunities to upgrade to particular spaces of belonging, connection, resource-sharing and growth that resonate most closely with your path. Please join us!

Upgraded Memberships

Wild Church Network Leaders: 
If you are already leading a wild church or forest church, or are interested in starting one, this membership upgrade is for you. If you need camaraderie, support, resources, and a sense of belonging to something much bigger emerging in the world, please join us!

Benefits include:

  • Like-hearted Friends! You'll participate in a growing mycelial movement of eco-spiritual leaders and pastors spreading around the globe - primarily in the US/Canada, with some in UK, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, and Belize! You don't have to be a pastor or even consider yourself a leader to do this! 
  • Connecting directly with others doing this work for support
  • Open resource sharing and accessing accumulated resources
  • Accessing monthly member Zoom calls
  • Accessing weekly practices and live calls related to topics you are interested in
  • Wide exposure to your work and your wild church.

To join the Wild Church Network, follow this link to register! You'll be led through an application that will create your unique profile and how people can get in touch with you to find out more about your plans for a wild church or directly to your wild church website or social media page. You'll be added to our Wild Church map on our website and receive a link to join us here on The Ecosystem in the Wild Church Network Leader circle. Cost is $25/month.

Wild Seekers
This circle is for those motivated to learn and experience more about this movement, share your journey, and access practices and ideas that reconnect your spiritual life with the rest of the living world. 

Benefits Include:

  • Connecting with others like you around topics you're interested in.

  • Finding a wild church leader near you or connecting with others near you who might be interested in starting one!

  • Monthly ideas and resources around the seasonal year for deeper immersion, either personally or as a group, into the living energies of each season. 

  • A 30-minute weekly live eco-spiritual practice led by different practitioners to sample ways of reconnecting with your wild heart and the intelligence of the whole living ecology we abide in. 

Cost is $10/month. You can register for this premium membership inside The Ecosystem under "Circles." 

Wild Geese Alumni Community 
This circle is for graduates of Seminary of the Wild to continue the journey in a community of like-hearted companions.

Benefits include:

  • Connect with all Alumni - this community of kindred souls who are writing a new story with Spirit, Earth and all Kin
  • Create our experiential and participatory community
  • Access programs only available to Alumni
  • Connect and create community-based on interests (such as Celtic spirituality or creative expressions or wild parenting or….!)
  • Attend or lead (!) Solstice/Equinox celebrations 
  • Hang out at casual meet ups (like happy hours or discussion groups)
  • Share resources, practices, stories and wisdom
  • Share the projects you are currently creating
  • Find support for your living into your calling, dreams, ideas, challenges and celebrations  
  • Be part of the larger community with access to the Ecosystem and Wild Seekers spaces

Cost is $10/month with membership open to graduates of Seminary of the Wild .  Alumni can register for this premium membership inside The Ecosystem under "Circles." 

Organizational Support

The Ecosystem is a partnership of the Wild Church Network and the Center for Wild Spirituality.